How to Have a Perfect Baby Shower

Do you know how to have a babyshower? Will it be Coed? On these pages are organized some babyshower tips for you.

Babies are always a reason to celebrate, even if every baby shower you have ever gone to, was terribly boring. Have you ever had to organize a baby shower before? I've been to maybe two or three in my entire life. Now, since my daughter is having a baby, I have a grand opportunity to organize such a special event.

Baby Shower  Winnie the PoohOf the showers that I have been to, including my own, just women usually celebrated this special occasion. But nowadays men are getting more involved. So how do you have a co-ed baby shower that can be exciting and fun?

My daughter and I searched the Internet for "How to have a Co-ed Baby Shower," but didn't find very much helpful information. So we wound up asking around, and doing some research on our own at the library. So here's our notes for our first baby shower. We started these web pages about one month before her expected due date.

Baby Clip ArtThe Perfect Baby Shower

No, I'm not going to make you read all the pages about our babyshower. Right here on the front page is "The Perfect Baby Shower" timeline. How do you have a perfect babyshower? You can start by avoiding the mistakes we made. : )

To me the perfect timeline would be where the mommy doesn't have to do anything but "show up." Friends and relatives and grandmas should do everything. Even a surprise babyshower would be great, if you can get away with it. Below, is simply the list of how to have a perfect baby shower.

The Perfect Babyshower Timeline

  1. Mommy arrives early
  2. Pin corsage on mommy
  3. Seat her in a comfortable chair
  4. Greet the guests
  5. Introduce the guests
  6. Put gifts on special table
  7. Offer guests a drink
  8. Take some pictures
  9. Play a game
  10. Eat Cake
  11. Bye Bye

Tips On Having A Baby Shower Party

1. Do plan ahead; Get your invitations out as early as possible.
2. Do take time before the party to get organized so that it will run smoothly. Then you'll have time to enjoy it too..
3. Do consider including men.
4. Do have fun with festive decorations. Consider useful decorations, and centerpieces that can be given to the guest or guests of honor at the end of the party.
5. Do use your best table linens and silver if the party isn't too big. Save the matching paper plate ensembles for larger parties or when you just don't have time to wash linens and china.
6.Do present foods attractively; including festive garnishes.
7.Do know the diet restrictions of your guests, and especially of the mother-to-be. If you plan on serving alcoholic beverages, label them clearly.
8. Do serve foods that are easy to eat.
9. Don't expect people to balance a sit down meal on their laps.
10. Do have one or two very organized people sitting near the mother (or mother and father) to handle wrappings and to record the gifts received.
11. Don't give all newborn or 3 month size clothing, the baby will soon wear larger sizes.
12. Do include the mother and the father when buying gifts - a personal gift for the parents during this stressful time can give them a real lift.
13. Do keep the shower short and sweet.
14. Don't play games that are embarrassing or awkward for your guests.
15. Do include really useful prizes for your guests.
16. Do have a good time!

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