BabyShower Cake Decorating Ideas

Here's some ideas for your baby shower cake. You don't have to buy a store bought one. A lot of people are allergic to chocolate and strawberry, so a white cake is the best way to go.

Do you have a Baby Shower Theme? My daughter's wanted her babyshowertheme to be "Winnie the Pooh." So I began searching for small figurines of Winnie the Pooh and his friends. I went to a Job Lot Store and found just what I needed, a bobble head Winnie the Pooh for $1.99. So I was real happy, and had a basis for decorating the cake.

We saw lots of little things you could use for decorating a cake at our local Dollar Store. Tiny rattles, baby carriages, baby pins, etc. all in either pink or blue. Also small figurines and cute little presents made of resin, that would also be perfect for decorating a babyshowercake.

Bundt Cake Idea

Baby Shower cake ideaHere's a decorating idea for you. The picture is a Bundt cake with a baby bottle filled with candies. Cool idea huh?

Easy Bootie Cake Decoration:

Color the icing for the booties according to whether it will be a boy or a girl. Each bootie takes three marshmallows. Use the icing as glue, and stick two of the marshmallows together on the flat sides. Then use some more icing to stick the third on to it. Let them set for awhile to harden, then carefully pick them up and place on the cake.

Starting at the bottom, squirt icing on the booties with your decorating tips, probably a star design, and cover the whole marshmallow bootie.

Ideas for decorating the cake, would be to cover it in white, and accent the edge with pink or blue frosting. Then use a thin writing tip to create shoelaces and allow to air dry to harden.

Basic Cake Shopping List

My Plan

Make a Homemade BabyShowerCake like we did.

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