How To Make A Baby Shower Corsage

Here is a cute idea for a baby shower corsage to pin on the guests, or for the mommy to be, grandma, or auntie. You can make them from baby socks, and at the end of the baby shower, everyone can donate them back to mommy.

Couple of pairs of nylon baby socks with ruffles
2 ft of one inch ribbon
Diaper Pins

Choose the color of socks you wish to make them out of. White works best,(if you don't know if it's a boy or a girl.) Turn the bootie inside out. Start rolling the sock from the toe, and do it at an angle so by the time you get to the lacy top it will look like a flowerbud. Flip the lacy part back over the roll to form petals. Use a diaper pin to hold it in place and to pin to mommy. Tie a ribbon to the bottom of the bud, above the diaper pin.

Make a Bootie Rose

Turn the bootie inside out. Start at the toe and roll the bootie toward the top of the bootie. When there is about 3/4 of an inch remaining to roll, pull the top of the bootie around the roll as you would when you are rolling socks after doing laundry. The "rose" will come out round and open.

Baby Toy Corsage

Baby items, such as rattles, teething rings, pacifiers, or little stuffed animals
Any color lace or ribbon
Diaper pin

Tie the ribbon on the diaper pin, then tie onto the baby item.

Church Babies

Here's something we had as toddlers, but they would make cute little favors or corsages. My mom took these to church with us, and they call them Church Babies.

Little girl's anklet with lace trim
Cottonballs or fiberfill for stuffing
Heavy thread
Thin ribbon
Fabric paint and paintbrush or needle and thread for face

Fill sock with stuffing. Tie open end of sock securely, using a long piece of thread. Make stitches starting at the toe, to form the legs, and make several stitches on the sides to look like arms. Tie ribbon around neck of doll and fold the cuff down to form a bonnet. Use fabric paint and thin paintbrush, or needle and thread to add eyes, nose, and mouth. Tah Dah!


pictures of baby rattles

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