Homemade Baby Shower Diaper Cake Centerpiece

Baby Shower Diaper CakeHere is a picture of the large homemade Diaper Cake Centerpiece that was made by one of our guests.

Here's how to make a diapercake:

  1. Larger size diapers are arranged in a circle on the bottom and tied with ribbon to hold them together.
  2. Then receiving blankets are folded lengthwise and wrapped around the diapers, and they are secured with diaper pins.
  3. The top tier is newborn diapers arranged in a circle and tied, a receiving blanket is folded and secured with diaper pins. a baby bottle is placed in the center.
  4. Along the outside of the bottom tier, different baby items are placed, like pacifiers, rattles, etc.
  5. Everything gets enclosed in a large gift bag and secured with ribbon. Very creative.

Small Baby Shower Diaper Cake Centerpiece

Small Baby Shower Diaper CakeThis is small version of a Diaper Cake Centerpiece that showed up at the Baby Shower.

It is made of diapers sitting on a circular cake board with a fancy doily.

The diapers are held together with pink ribbon and artificial roses decorate the top. We sat this one on the Baby Shower gift table.

Baby Blanket Cake

Another diaper cake I read about, involved rolling up cloth or disposable diapers lenthwise.

Then decorate with small baby items on top, items can also be hid in the diapers as you roll it up too.

I guess this would be called a Baby Blanket Cake

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