Baby Shower Favor Ideas

Easy BabyShowerFavors to makeIf you can't find a volunteer to make your Baby Shower Favors, here's some ideas for you. If you are on a budget, you can make your own Baby Shower Favors or even buy some online.

Have you ever been to baby showers in the past? What did they give out as favors?

This picture at the right is of the Baby Shower Favors a guest made for my daughter's baby shower.

They are small baby bottles filled with wrapped candies, and tied with a ribbon, a tag is attached that announces who the baby shower is for, and the date of the shower.We tucked them all in a basket we found in the attic, and lined it with white tissue.

We were very pleased with the results, but most of the guys that came, weren't interested in taking one, so we had a lot leftover which the mommy got of course.

Idea: It seems if you know someone with alot of empty baby food jars you could do something similar. This would be a creative idea too. Or try some clear plastic baby blocks, filled with goodies.

I would have loved to get some Winnie the Pooh baby shower favors, but they are hard to find. All I located online was Pooh Baby Shower Party Supplies, and Decorations and you can get that at Walmart.

Tip: Get your favor decorations at a Dollar Store


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