Coed Baby Shower Bingo Game

Baby Shower Bingo is a popular baby shower game
This is a great co ed baby shower game. Play this while opening the babyshower gifts.

Give each person a sheet of paper with 5 rows of 5 squares on each row.

Let them fill in what they think the new mother will receive when opening gifts.

As she opens the gifts they check their paper to see if they can mark off one of their squares.

First one to yell bingo wins or the person who has filled in the most squares wins.

Winnie and Tigger picThis works very well with a group of 20 of more, especially since gift opening will take a long time.

Notes: We thought this was a cute idea. The benefits would be that everyone would be familiar with the gifts mommy received.

Tip: If we would have done this, we would have passed out paper and pencils and had them make their own lines on the paper, and then fill them in. You can adjust the amount of squares by how many people were invited. Such as 3 lines across and 3 lines down, or two lines,( like tic tac toe.)

    Have on Hand
  1. paper
  2. pens/pencils
  3. prizes

Another Version of Baby Shower Bingo

Here's another version that's sort of like a crossword puzzle.
Baby Bingo Shower Game 2

Each guest fills in a word out of a list for 3 letter word, 4 letter word, etc.

When all the guests have their sheet filled out, draw the words out of a basket one by one, each guest circles a word when it is called out.

When all their words are circled, they yell BINGO.

Here's a sample Baby Bingo crossword card.

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