More Baby Shower Game Ideas

Baby Shower Games for a Perfect Party
This page is a continuation from the Coed BabyShowerGames page with games that we played at our baby shower. But here's more free online and printable babyshowergame ideas that we discovered in our search.

If your party is Coed, a Jack and Jill party, or for couples, you may have to forego some of these games. There are some games that are unique, but most are common, popular or traditional. Just remember your time schedule!

Baby Bottle Dice
- Everyone sits in a circle and takes turns shaking a baby bottle with two dice and tossing them into a baby wipes container. Whoever rolls doubles wins a prize. When you run out of prizes, the guests can take a prize from the other guests. This is a ten minute game.

Winnie and Tigger picCandy Bar or Baby Shower Dirty Diaper game - Place a melted candy bar or smear peanut butter in numbered disposable diapers. (I don't think I would waste diapers for this game.)

Baby Shower Clothespin Baby game - Clip a clothespin on your guests as they arrive. Whenever someone hears them say "baby" they take their clothespin away. Whoever has the most clothespins at the end of the baby shower wins. (They now make plastic clothespins in different colors of plastic)

Safety or Diaper Pins game - Place some safety pins or diaper pins in a bowl of rice, and blindfold guests see how many they can find within a minute. Whoever finds the most wins. (This game may be too messy with rice everywhere.) For a Bridal Baby Shower use small gold safety pins.

Baby Shower Memory game - Place 10 baby items in a bag or on a covered tray. Have the guest either feel in the bag and write down the items they remember or uncover the tray for 10 sec and have the guests write down what they remember seeing.

Some people place the tray at the entrance of the door, and then see who paid attention and can write down what they remember seeing.

Baby Shower Animal game - Guessing game. Guess what the baby animal is called. Animals Game Answer sheet

Baby Food Jar game
- Buy several different varieties of baby food, as you remove the labels, write down what each one is. Put a sticker or nametag on each one and number them. See sample game.

You can also let them guess what the baby food is instead of giving them choices as in the sample game. Once the game is over, tape the correct labels back on and give them to mommy.

Baby Shower Nursery Find game - Find the items in the nursery. Nursery Find Answer sheet

Baby Shower Nursery Rhyme game - Write down clues on paper, have the guests guess which nursery rhyme it is. Nursery Rhyme Answer sheet

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