Coed Baby Shower Game Ideas

This page has some coed games that we played at our co ed babyshower, which my daughter called a "Jack and Jill" baby shower.

Save some time and money at your baby shower on games by using some of these ideas.

What you'll find out is that at most coed babyshowers the men aren't really too interested in games, but they sure do enjoy winning.

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Baby bottle guessing gameGuess the Candies in the Baby Bottle - coed babyshower game
This was probably the most successful of all baby games we played.

Very simple. As the guests came in the door, and signed the Baby Book, we put a baby bottle with precounted candies in it.

Guests wrote their name, and their guess of how many pieces were in it.

We used colored 3x5 index cards that had been cut in half, but you can use slips of paper. This resulted in having a perfect drawing can with names for any miscellaneous game, where a name needed to be drawn.

Who's got the Sticker? - coed babyshower game
Put a sticker or label of some sort randomly on one of the bottoms of the paper plates. Whomever has the sticker wins the prize. We're going to do two so we can have two winners instead of one. We'll use two of our leftover Winnie the Pooh Stickers.
Hint: Don't place them too far down in the pile of plates.

BabyShowerGameMommy's Waist Game - co ed baby shower game
Mommy's Waist Game is a very popular game we found on the Internet, and my daughter was interested in doing this.

With yarn or string or TP, each guest cuts a length of how wide they think mommy's tummy is. Tip: We used pink twine we found at a dollar store. We were afraid yarn would be too stretchy

More Ideas: You can cut different lengths of ribbon or yarn and put them all in a cute bag. Have each person draw a string out of a bag. After everyone has pulled a string, then they can check who has the correct length.

To us, this version is time saving and keeps from having to pass around the yarn and scissors. Whoever is the closest wins. Another version has each guest taking as many pieces of toilet paper as they like, and then after everyone has some, announce that whoever has closest to mommy's waist wins.
Guess Mommy's Weight Game
- co ed baby shower game
The problem with trying to play this game is that mommy has been sharing with everyone her weight progress during her pregnancy.

We could have made a huge gift basket full of miscellaneous items to raffle off, but the people coming are not rich, and we figured they were already bringing a gift so why ask them to buy a Raffle ticket. Some people put out a can or bank for donations to the "Baby Fund."

Door Prize?
We could have a door prize easily, use the names you have gathered in the baby bottle candy game. Tip: When the name drawn, if the guest already left, draw another for a guest that stayed

Baby Shower Bingo - popular baby shower game
Winnie and Tigger picPlay this while opening presents. Give each person a sheet of paper with 5 rows of 5 squares on each row. Let them fill in what they think the new mother will receive when opening gifts. As she opens the gifts they check their paper to see if they can mark off one of their squares. First one to yell bingo wins or the person who has filled in the most squares wins. This works very well with a group of 20 of more, especially since gift opening will take a long time. We thought this was a cute idea. The benefits would be that everyone would be familiar with the gifts mommy received.
Tip: If we would have done this, we would have passed out paper and pencils and had them make their own lines on the paper, and then fill them in. You can adjust the amount of squares by how many people were invited. Such as 3 lines across and 3 lines down, or two lines,( like tic tac toe.)

    Have on Hand
  1. notepad
  2. scissors
  3. pens/pencils
  4. stickers
  5. can or jar
  6. ribbon, yarn
  7. baby bottle
  8. small candies
  9. prizes
  10. box

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