Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Gift IdeasDon't just buy a gift for the new baby, buy a gift for the new mommy too. She is going to be doing all the work! Special little items will make her day!

I always feel bad when the new baby gets so many gifts, and mommy got nothing, but to open all the gifts.

So please, let's start a new fad, and get something for mommy, even if it's some candles, cologne, or bubblebath.

Baby Shower Registry

One thing about getting a Baby Shower gift is that you are always afraid of getting the same thing that someone else is going to get. Create a babyshower gift list.

That's why they began Baby Shower Registries.

The thing we found out is that people rarely use the baby registry at all.

So the best thing to do is to offer the receipt to the mommy, in case she wants to return something, otherwise she'll wind up like my daughter with 5 diaper bags!

In some states it is the custom to give new parents a piggy bank that guests fill with money for the baby.

Homemade or Unusual Gifts for Baby

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