Baby Shower Invitation Ideas with Clipart

If you are looking for some baby clipart, here's some I found or made myself.

The Winnie the Pooh below, was cut from our babyshower invitation stickers, and I fixed him up in Photoshop. Cute Huh? Also some ideas on ideas on how to word baby invitations for guests. You could even put babyshower invitations in a baby bottle

Baby Shower Clipart

Baby Shower Clip Art
Baby Shower Clip Art 2

Free Winnie the Pooh Wallpaper
Here's the Winnie the Pooh stickers I bought at Walmart for $1.97

Homemade Baby Shower Invitations.

Make Baby Shower Invitations
1. Stork Invitation - Trace the stork from pink stationary and write shower invitation on the front. Or fold the stationery before tracing to make a card and write information on the inside.

2. Teddy Bear - Use notepaper with teddy bears, or add a teddy bear sticker, or trace or photocopy the bear onto blank notepaper. Commercial invitations with cute little teddy bears are also available. You can also cutout teddy bears for name tags.

3. How to make a diaper invitation 1 - Cut a piece of stationary, and fold it to resemble a tri-fold diaper. Write the shower invitation on the inside. Then fold and fasten with a tiny gold pin.

4. How to make a diaper invitation 2

5. Cowboy hat - Cut a cowboy hat from tan paper, mount it on white, folded notepapers. Add a piece of ribbon for a hatband. Write the shower invitation on the inside. This theme is especially fun for a couples shower. Guests might like to come wearing cowboy hats, boots, jeans and bandanas. Hold the shower in your backyard, have a barbecue.

6. Baby Bottle

7. Baby Invitation

8. Baby tree - On blank stationery, trace or photocopy the outline of a tree. Draw little circles on it, as in a family tree. Insert the shower invitation into the circles. Photocopy the tree and mount the cpoies on colored stationery.

9. Twins - If the mother to be is expecting twins, consider a shower using twins as the theme. Cut out a baby outline from a folded piece of notepaper, unfold,( like a string of paperdolls) Write the shower invitation on the inside. On the outside, you could write, "It's going to be twins!"


pictures of baby rattles

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