The Morning of the Baby Shower

7AM - Here's a rundown of how it's going this morning.

I woke up to find that my teenage son ate the decorations for the cake last night.

Then when I left to take him to football practice I find that the twenty dollar bill that was going to help pay for the community center we are renting, is missing out of my wallet.

Then I realize that the overhead light in the car won't turn off.

So, I am already having to make attitude adjustments this morning, and I am really : ( upset.

8 AM - Make the icing for the cake.

Baby Shower Cake10 AM - Okay the cake is iced and decorated, and I guess it took me about 2 hours, I didn't need the cake pieces after all, (thanks to my trusty Dollar Store cake decorating tips.) My daughter showed up, and the guys are in the backyard blowing up the balloons with an air compressor.

11:00 AM - I get a call from my son at football practice on the cell phone, he wants me to bring him some food because they are on a break. I throw together some hot corn dogs and drive to the school.

11:30 AM - I return from the school and start frying the chicken.

12:00 PM - Cleaned out the car and the van and started loading it up. Baby Shower items and balloons in the astrovan, food in the car.

12:30 PM - Chicken finished, start on the salad.

Baby Shower Ideas12:45 PM - Roll up the daughter's hair

1:00 PM - Cleaned out the cooler for the ice.

1:10 PM - Jumped in the shower

1:20 PM - Get dressed, had to iron my jumpsuit : (

1:30 PM - Dry my hair

1:40 PM - Pack up rest of food and cake

1:45 PM - Leave for the community center, Jeni and Kev will pick up the ice and bread rolls on the way.

1:50 PM - Realize we left the scissors for the string game at home. My daughter says she left her jewelry in the bathroom. My hubby and I return home to pick up the left behind items.

2:00 PM - My daughter calls us on her cell phone and says the guy didn't show up to unlock the community center door.

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