Our Baby Shower Party

Baby Shower guest bookWouldn't it be nice to be able to say everything went perfect for the Baby Shower Party? But, alas, does any party ever go perfectly? The day of the baby shower party turned out to be the hottest day of the summer. Fortunately the community center that we rented had air conditioning.

We rented the center for 50 bucks plus a $25.00 deposit and we even signed contract for the hours from 2 PM to 6 PM, but there is no phone number on it. The baby shower is from 3 to 5.

2:00 PM - My daughter arrives at the community center, then calls me and says the guy didn't show up to unlock the community center door.

2:10 PM - The hubby and I arrive and find 3 guests sitting on the front steps along with my daughter. The guests are there to help decorate. We try to find the number for the maintenance guy on the cell phone.

2:15 PM - We walk around to the side entrance to see if it's is possibly unlocked. There are kids playing, and they tell us of a lady that lives in the apartments that may have a key.

2:20 PM - They take us to where she lives. She says, let me make some calls and I'll come over and unlock it. We leave, relieved.

2:30 PM - She comes over and unlocks the door, apologizing. Several more guests have arrived and we quickly unload everything from the van and the car.

2:45 PM - We arrange the tables and chairs, put on the tablecloths and centerpieces.

3:00 PM - The food and drink tables are arranged. The banners won't stick to the concrete wall, so we don't even open the streamers. The balloons we blew up, we scattered on the floor.

BabyshowerideasYou can see we finally got the banner to stick between the doorway.

3:30 PM - Everything is set to go, two more guests have arrived. So eight people out of fifty that were invited to be here at 3 PM are here. As guests arrive, they sign the guestbook and guess how many candies are in the baby bottle. Then we tell them to go get something to eat. Several guests show up and say they can't stay.

4:00 PM - Eight more guests arrive. We start the Mommies Waistline String Game, passing it around the table and each person cut a length, trying to guess Jeni's waistline. She went around all the tables and tried them all, and none fit, and we couldn't decide who was closest.

So she randomly cut a string and passed it around and someone had the exact length. And it was a guy and we gave him a prize of a backscrubber/with body wash. He was happy.

4:15 PM - Almost everyone goes outside for a cigarette.

4:30 PM - They all come back in and I tell mommy she needs to start opening gifts.

5:00 PM - We went over to the game of the "Guess the Candies," asked if everyone had guessed, and then checked the slips to see who was the closest, and awarded a gift to the top two, one a bath gift set for the woman and a backscrubber/shower gel to the man.

Open the baby shower giftsSince no one got the paper plates with the stickers on the bottom, (because the stickers were buried too deep) we put all the names back in the can, and drew out two more names to award the decorative candles. Then we drew a name to win the baby bottle of candy.

5:30 PM - Mommy is getting tired, she missed her nap. Every one starts to say their good-byes and leaves. Several guests stick around to help clean up.

The major thing was packing up the gifts and getting them to the van, packing up the leftover food and getting it to the car.

6:00 PM - We call the lady and tell her we're finished. She comes by and checks and locks it up, and we're out of there, even though she said we could stay a half hour longer, (because they were late opening it up.)

But we had enough, mommy was satisfied, and was ready to go. Said our good-byes to the daughter.

You can see in the picture that her friends helped with the baby shower gift opening. One handed the gifts to mommy and one wrote down the gifts that were recieved.

Here's the Baby Shower food that was brought:

Conclusion: It would have been great if:
Everyone would have showed up
We would have had some kind of low key music playing.
If we had helium in the balloons.

Bye for now, thanks for visiting our babyshower pages.

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