Baby Shower Shopping List

Our Basic Shopping List

Then we proceeded to work out what kind of items we would be needed to hold a baby shower.
This is what we wrote down.
  1. Streamers (pink, white, and purple)
  2. Plastic tablecloths 5 (pink or white)
  3. Balloons (pink and white) ribbon
  4. Paper plates, plastic forks, cups, napkins
  5. Confetti and favors
  6. Soda on sale, cooler with ice.
  7. Prizes
  8. Food?
    Have on Hand:
  1. notepad
  2. scissors
  3. pens
  4. tape
  5. decorations
  6. ribbon or yarn


The list below is my HOME PLAN. These are things to do broke down, that I need to address.

Everything else is being taken care of by some of her friends. Like the food.


pictures of baby rattles

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