How To Plan A Baby Shower

Here's the plan we came up with for our afternoon Baby Shower, with a 3pm start time.

See BabyShowerIdeas to get started with your plan.

2:00 pm - Arrive to set up.
1. Hang the streamers
2. Hang up banners or posters?
3. Set up a small table with the baby book for guests to sign as they come in. Also on the table have a baby bottle filled with small candies that the guests can guess how many there are. So you need a notepad and pencils. They can write their name and how many are in the bottle, fold and drop in a jar or something. Maybe have a vase with pink carnations to decorate?
4. Set up a table to put the baby gifts on, with the mommy's seat nearby
5. Tablecloth 2 tables for guests
6. Tablecloth the food table.
7. Arrange the chairs.
8. Tape 4 balloons with ribbons to each corner of the tables
9. Tape 4 balloons to the railing outside

3:00 pm - Guests arrive, Sign the Baby Book, Guess the candies in the baby bottle, hug mommy, put gift on table, get something to eat, pick a seat

3:30 pm - Eat Food

4:00 pm - Play
Guess Mommy's Waistline, need ribbon or yarn, scissors

4:30 pm - Sit mommy down, start to open gifts
, write gifts in baby book, in the meantime have someone check for the guest's right count of candies. Announce winner after gifts are opened.

5:00 pm - Guests leave

5:30 pm - Clean up

6:00 pm - Get out of there

pictures of baby rattles

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