One Week before the Baby Shower

6 Days Before the Baby Shower
Baby Shower Party IdeasBegin by gathering your babyshower items in a big box. Go up in the attic, look in the closets, and go through everything to see what you can use. Ribbons, tinsel, gift bags, craft supplies, markers, etc.

I fortunately found a Winnie the Pooh bear in the attic, so I'll put that on the entry table instead of pink carnations.

1. Then choose your games and begin thinking what kind of winners' gifts you can get, that could be for a man or woman. Searching the Internet for coed gifts didn't help us.See the Prizes we wound up getting on the Prize Ideas Page

2. Make sure the food preparations are arranged. A close friend of the mommy is preparing fried chicken and Ziti. (What a relief.)

3. Make sure favors are being made. Another friend is making some Baby Bottle Favors. Neat idea!

4. Another friend wrapped the plastic forks in napkins, and tied them with pink ribbon and put them in a decorated basket. See the picture.

5. Someone is also making Diaper Cake Centerpieces. So we have been real lucky with the babyshower preparations so far.

5 Days before the Baby Shower
I decided to check out Party World. They had baby stuff all right, but it was not what I was looking for, specifically a Baby Shower Banner. So I decided to hit a couple Dollar stores. The Dollar Store had a ton of stuff, like the plastic tablecloths, plates and cups, (but we had already bought them at Walmart.) So if you are not stuck on a theme for your Baby Shower, then definitely save some money and get your stuff at the Dollar Store. See the Shopping Checklist

Then I stopped at a new Job Lot they just built in town and found a bobble head "Winnie the Pooh" for $1.99. (I couldn't believe it.) So, that's what I will put on the babyshowercake.

I also stopped at the florist to make arragements to have 30 balloons blown up, but should I have made arrangements with a store nearby for a cheap 25 cents each? What's .25 X 30? $7.50? (But... we already bought the balloons)

Note to self: Get your helium balloons at a Dollar Store on the day of the babyshower! (I noticed too late that they had helium)

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