Who Pays for the Baby Shower?

Even though you know a babyshower is eventually going to happen, we had no idea who is suppose to pay for the baby shower. We couldn't find this information anywhere.

As it turned out, my daughter paid for half of renting the community center, I paid for all the extras.

Our babyshower cost us about $200.00, regardless of the fact that we went cheap on invitations and decorations, etc.

If it wasn't for friends doing the favors and food, it would have cost us alot more. If we would have had the babyshower at someones house, (like the new grandma) it would have dropped it to $150.00.

Now, I did hear of some people putting out a donation can at their babyshower, but we felt that for our guests just bringing a gift was enough.

Now, my daughter has just informed me that I'm going to be another grandma. So the question arises, "Do they have baby showers for the second baby?" Guess we better start saving our pop cans. ; )


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